Weather 101

Students will learn about the Water Cycle and that the sun is a major source of energy. Students are encouraged to be creative with their activity and build their own Water Cycle to put in their window at home.

In this lesson students will learn about different cloud types using their handy Cloud Watcher Tool. Watch as Ms. Aarin also demonstrates the Cloud in a Jar experiment.

In this lesson students will learn about Rain and why clouds and weather instruments play a vital part in determining the weather. Check out the Rain in a Jar experiment, take a virtual quiz, make your first weather instrument, a Rain Gauge. 

Wind is very important to weather forecasting. In this lesson students learn about familiar folklore in weather, wind instruments and how storms and hurricanes are formed.

Watch the demonstrations at the end of the video to make your own Weather Vane and Anemometer!

Lesson 5: Air Pressure & Temperature

Students will learn about air pressure and the how the barometer helps us determine the forecast. Students will make their own barometer and a thermometer to add to their DIY Weather Station.