Surf Rentals - Expand your experience

Choose from our wide selection of surf board rentals for every experience level. Whether you're a seasoned surfer looking to get out on the water, or a beginner looking for something fun and easy to ride, we have your board. We do highly recommend taking surf lessons before renting a surf board as there are necessary skills that will be of value to your experience and safety.

Below are our options in the 7'6 to 10'0 Range. These boards are best for beginners and those looking to practice the basics. 

When renting a surfboard, it is important to choose the right size and type of board for your skill level and the local surfing conditions. Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the best board for your needs.

Simply call or text us at 956-455-5238 and speak with a SPI SESSIONS representative and then click on the "RENT HERE" button to pay for your rental. Your representative will direct you to the closest location for pick up and drop-off schedules.

Our staff does require a copy of your photo ID and a signed waiver which can be exchanged at time of pick-up or with a rental reservation at our shop location.


Looking for a more advanced board?

Check out our quiver of Mick Fanning EPS CORE performance boards under the soft shell. These boards also have interchangeable fin boxes which allow the removable of soft fins to replace with FCS or Future Fins. Read More on these boards here. 

Basic Surf Lessons

Choose from one on one lessons or share the learning experience with friends or family. Select which option will best suit your surfing lesson experience. Start Here.

Advanced Surf Lessons

Progress takes dedication and the willingness to try harder things. Do it.

Mick Fanning's Soft Boards: Durable and User-Friendly Surfboards for Beginner and Intermediate Surfers

Mick Fanning is a professional surfer who has collaborated with various surfboard brands over the years to design and produce a range of surfboards, including soft boards. Soft boards, also known as foam boards, are a popular choice for beginner and intermediate surfers due to their durability and ease of use. They are made of foam and often have a soft, flexible deck, which makes them more forgiving for inexperienced surfers who may not yet have the balance and control of more advanced surfers.

Mick Fanning's line of soft boards is designed with both performance and durability in mind. The boards feature high-quality foam and construction, as well as a range of shapes and sizes to suit different surfing conditions and skill levels. They also come with a range of features, such as multiple fins, a deck grip, and a leash plug, to enhance performance and safety. Overall, Mick Fanning's soft boards are a reliable and user-friendly choice for surfers looking to improve their skills and have fun in the water.

Read our Blog about Mick Fanning Boards.