The School of Surf Kids Camp is a 3-day kids camp for ages 5-12.  The camp’s primary focus is surfing and having TONS OF FUN! Kids will be plenty busy with our daily yoga warm-ups, exciting water safety games, SURFING LESSONS, and insightful ecology adventures that fill our 4-hour morning sessions together! We are excited to welcome you to our SCHOOL OF SURF & Ocean Safety, the most FUN kids camp on South Padre Island!

Age: 5-12 years old

Fee: $295 /Session

Time: Monday-Wednesday, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM (three-day sessions)

Sign-in/out: Surfers (or parents) please check in with our Beach Life Instructors at the SPI Sessions tent at 8:00 AM. Please be on time! When you pick up your child please make sure to let an instructor know as we have release forms for special pick-ups.

Location: Access #3 Beach Circle (311 Padre Blvd. Look for us behind the Aquarius Condominiums public beach access)

Ratio: 4 Surfers/1 Beach Life Instructor (Maximum 10 Surfers/Camp) Note: We do have a designated Supervisor on the beach at all times.

Activities: Swim Assessment (first day only), Short Yoga Session/Warm-Up, Ocean Safety Lessons (Presentations/Demonstrations by Guest Speakers, Ocean Safety Games/Drills, Surf Lessons (Will vary daily as we advance in levels of surfing), Water/Snack Breaks, Beach Ecology Under the Tent).

Bring: We will provide snacks, water, and a reusable water bottle. A completed waiver the first day of every camp and sunscreen. It is your choice whether or not to bring a lunch.

Wear: Swim suites! We will provide a short-sleeved rash-guard.

Swim: It is important to make instructors aware of your child’s level of swimming and ocean awareness. We will also prepare a short swimming assessment on the first day of class.


Frequently Asked Questions

...we're here to help!

WHAT is included and what should I bring?

We cover almost everything your child  will need such as; drinking water, snacks, shade, surf equipment & instruction and a full session of fun! We will count on you to bring: sunscreen, proper swim attire, towel and any additional snacks. Please be on time !

All School of Surf Attendees will receive an SPI Sessions t-shirt as well!

WHERE is the School of Surf?

This year our home base is Access #4, (Beach Circle).  This public access is located on the north side of the Aquarius Condominiums (2000 Gulf Blvd.). Parents should park and walk their children to the on-site tent and Check-In with our staff daily. We are happy to accommodate any special needs with instruction!

WHO can participate in the School Of Surf Summer Sessions?

The School of Surf is designed for kids ages 5-12 years old. Please contact us if you have questions about the ages, we are happy to accommodate. SPI Sessions staff also monitors registration and ages so that we may best prepare and match our activities and our levels of surfing goals.

Is Surfing Safe? What are your Safety procedures?

Safety is a priority with us at SPI Sessions.

-Our instructors follow a designated operational plan for safety during lessons and are trained and certified in First Aid/CPR and open water safety.

- We also have a safety script that each session reviews.

- … and just In case of an emergency, we are prepared with an Emergency Plan  (Click here to read).

What is a Beach Life Instructor?

SPI Sessions has a unique approach to our staff. We call ourselves ‘beach life Instructors’ because we believe we share more with the student than just a surfing lesson. We are well-rounded individuals with love for all things friendly to our beach and lifestyle. We maintain a rotating staff of 4-5 Beach life Instructors and 3-5 Science Specific Trainers.  In a lesson setting we maintain a 4:1 ratio of surfer to instructor staff to maintain the attention necessary for adequate surf technique and stoke. We are very proud to have a strong staff of vetted individuals eager to share the stoke of surfing and eco-awareness.

What’s Covered in our Surf Lessons?

Topics covered in camp include:

+The Basics of Surfing

+Paddling the Board

+Catching Waves

+Standing Up on the Board

+Wave Selection

+Turning Techniques

+Surf Etiquette

+Ocean Awareness

+Surf Safety

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8 Summer Sessions in 2018

Choose any of the following Sessions to book your 3-day School of Surf & Ocean Safety Camp! Note: The camp dates are the 3-days of camp!

JUNE 18-20
June 25
June 25-27
July 2
July 2-4
July 9
July 9-11
July 16
July 16-18
July 30
July 23- 25
July 30- Aug. 1
August 13
August 6-8


So what do you do for 4 hours?

SURF!! ...and we have so much fun!


We will cover all the basics of surfing including an introduction to equipment, paddling and standing-up! There's so much to learn about surfing too- so we will take the kids into advance lessons as we progress through the course.


Open Water Safety is a high priority for us and we take it very seriously. Students will be instructed of our Camp procedures, safety precautions and in case of emergency drills.


Everyday one of our camp instructors will take your child through a fun beach ecology or marine science lesson. We feel strongly about out connection valuing and oceans and we hope to make a lasting impressions on your child!

H20 & Shade

We are good about hydration and taking breaks. We take water breaks often and have a team water dispenser at camp. We STRONGLY encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle everyday to camp. We will not have plastic cups on the beach.


All of our sessions begin with a proper warm up. We will go through some basic stretches and practice some of our fun beach yoga techniques!


All Release Forms should be emailed to Spisessions@gmail.com or signed during the online booking process. All payment shall be taken on line or over the phone. One day drop in sessions must bring all releases and payment day of.





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