We can't take it any longer... the straws are driving us crazy. There's only so much art we can make until it just sucks- and art doesn't suck, so why should we? Read more on why SPI Sessions is taking a stand, along with thousands of other businesses and organizations, to stop sucking.

#breakfreefromplastic #strawlessocean


SPI SESSIONS DOESN’T SUCK and neither should you. We are joining the global movement, along with thousands of other groups across the world, to stop using plastic straws and #breakfreefromplastic .

“Plastic straws are just one of the many single-use plastics which end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life” (www.strawlessocean.org).

SPI Sessions is rallying the troops to campaign for a new ordinance on South Padre Island aimed to eliminate the distribution of plastic straws and stirrers in our city. With over hundreds of thousands of beach visitors per year, our plastic waste impact is immense, and unfortunately, is also obvious on our beaches.

Despite ongoing efforts of our local municipalities staff to keep our beaches clean, items such as straws, stirrers and micro-plastics are left behind by the trash sifters, and inevitably, end up swept away by our high beach tides into the ocean.

“One early morning during spring break, my friends and I went out to the beach. What we saw was astonishing. We could literally could scoop hundreds of straws off the sand into out hands,” said Austin visitor and spring break performer Leila Noone. “It was like the whole beach was coated with plastic straws.”

SPI Sessions is helping raise awareness of this issue by:

- initiating the #SPIforastrawlessocean campaign (plastic straw and stirrer FREE ordinance campaign)

- educating SPI Sessions community about micro-plastics, personal use plastics awareness

- collaborating with inspiring existing campaigns such as; Unlitter,  Keep SPI Beautiful, Surfrider Foundation (Rise Above Plastics), Lonely Whale (#breakfreefromPlastics), SUPKids, The Whale Company and TrashHero

- creating art installations from our recycled plastic beach clean-ups

- encouraging local businesses, organizations and persons of every walk of life to take the pledge at www.strawlessocean.com to stop using plastic straws. Take it a step further and download the open-resource kit by Lonely Whale to start your own campaign!

- raising money to fund marketing campaign efforts

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