The Campaign

SPI for a Strawless Ocean is a city-wide effort to omit plastic straws from South Padre Island, Texas. We are working vigorously to help educate our culture of restaurants and food and beverage industry professionals to practice and implement a "straw upon request" policy as well as adopt the appropriate paper straw for consumers with the need.

The Impact

So far there are only 5 restaurants of our 50 food and beverage locations that have committed to a "Straw Upon Request" policy AND have a plastic straw alternative. SPI food and beverage locations use an estimated 5 million straws a year. We need a team of volunteers to help us be a part of this change. If you are interested in helping join the campaign please volunteer here!

Carlos Nunez Photography

Contributing SPI Businesses:

Thank you to these businesses that are participating in the global movement for change.

  Longboard Bar& Grill  - Straw Upon Request - Bio-Plastic Straw

  Meatball Cafe - Straw Upon Request - Bio-Plastic Straw

  The Palms  - Straw Upon Request - Paper Straw 

  Bada Bing Bagels  - Straw Upon Request - Paper Straw

  Gabriellas - Straw Upon Request - X 

  The Painted Marlin  - Straw Upon Request - Paper Straw 

  Cafe Karma - Straw Upon Request - Paper Straw


Join our Local Campaign

Help ban Plastic Straws & Stirrers on South Padre Island

In an effort to minimize plastic pollution, SPI Sessions has joined the global movement for a Strawless Ocean. As eco-conscious beach life instructors we are constantly engaged in better our beaches, environment and ocean that surrounds our beautiful home on South Padre Island. We hope that our efforts in conservation, education and outreach will prompt our city to enforce an ordinance to ban plastic straws on South Padre Island.