The Weekender// 2-Day Surf Camps

Saturday & Sunday

The Weekender Surf camp teaches all levels of surfing and mixes in fun beach sports with each camp! Our daily routine encourages fun exercises that engage kids in learning about ocean safety and marine life with super fun activities the kids will come home to teach you! Don't let your kid miss out on the overall best camp experience on South Padre Island.

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June 8th -Aug.18th 2024

Saturdays & Sundays 



Ages: 5-18

No experience necessary.
All abilities welcome.


7010 Padre Blvd.

(Hilton Garden Inn./ Barry's Beach)
Drop off & Pick Up Times listed

What's Included:

  Daily surf training and all necessary equipment
  Photos of your child's camp experience
  Ocean Awareness and Beach Ecology Lessons
  Variety of Additional Beach Sports training
  On Site Beach Patrol Lifeguard
  Attentive and professional surfing instructors 4:1 student/coach


Our Commitment to Safety-

Safety is our first priority as proven by our eight years of camp operations and safety record. We follow guidelines and training from both American Red Cross and United States Lifeguarding Association to ensure the safest and most rewarding experiences. We always keep a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 and all of our instructors have certifications in First Aid, CPR, and are open ocean trained. We also carry a comprehensive insurance package, including general liability.

We also know the value in teaching about Safe Ocean Practices. Our camp ocean safety education consists of:

  • Wave prediction and judgement
  • Longshore current identification
  • Sun exposure and UV awareness
  • Beach Ecology and marine science education
  • Venomous Marine Life awareness and first aid
  • Popular marine life education
  • Rip current identification, awareness, and existing procedure


So what do you do for 4 hours?

SURF!! ...and we have so much fun!


We will cover all the basics of surfing including an introduction to equipment, paddling and standing-up! There's so much to learn about surfing too- so we will take the kids into advance lessons as we progress through the course.


Open Water Safety is a high priority for us and we take it very seriously. Students will be instructed of our Camp procedures, safety precautions and in case of emergency drills.


Everyday one of our camp instructors will take your child through a fun beach ecology or marine science lesson. We feel strongly about out establishing a connection to our ocean and we hope to make a lasting impression on your child.

H20 & Shade

We are good about hydration and taking breaks. We take water breaks often and have a 5-gallon water dispenser on site at camp. We STRONGLY encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle everyday to camp. We will not have plastic cups on the beach.


All of our sessions begin with a proper warm up. We will go through some basic stretches and practice some of our fun beach yoga techniques!


All Release Forms should be emailed to or signed during the online booking process. All payment shall be taken online or over the phone. One day drop in sessions must bring all releases and payment day of.