Coastal Science Adventure Camp

The Coastal Science Adventures Program was developed as a way for young explorers to use their natural curiosity to develop an early understanding and awareness of our unique coastal ecosystem. Utilizing a curriculum developed by educators, marine biologists, and environmental scientists, participants will take part in various activities focusing on our local coastal ecosystems and the ongoing environmental issues. Participants will also learn about the coastal flora and fauna; hiking through Mangrove swamps discovering the wildlife which lives within. Currently, we offer four sessions with plans to offer ten sessions for the entire Summer. Our curriculum is in constant development, so activities are constantly being added and modified. These sessions are three hours and long over a three-day span.

Camp Details

Each week of our 3-Day Coastal Science camp is full of different adventures. We are very proud of the collaborations we have established to make each camp special and memorable for your child!

  Time: Thurs.- Sat.  10AM- 1:00PM

  Location: 6800 Padre Blvd. (Native Plant Center)

   Camp Price: $90 

    Ages: 5-17 yrs 

    Wear: Closed toe shoes, hat, sunglasses, clothes for warm weather. 

  Bring: A cold lunch or snacks, a reusable water bottle, and a smile ! 


15 Summer Sessions in 2021

2021 Coastal Science Adventure Camps are offered in 3-Day or 1-Day Drop-In Camp Sessions.

2021 Coastal Science Adventure Sessions:

Session 1: June 3-5, 2021 Magnificent Mangroves: Exploring the Ecosystem

Session 2: June 10-12, 2021 Marine Debris and Tidal Movements 

Session 3: June 17-29, 2021 Building a Better Future: Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Session 4: June 23-26, 2021  Coastal Stewardship & Why it Matters

Session 5: June 30-July 3

Call for Details

Session 5: June 29- July 3, 2021

Session 6: July 8-10, 2021

Session 7: July 15- 17, 2021

Session 8: July 22- 24, 2021

Session 9: July 29- 31, 2021 

Session 10: Aug. 5- 7, 2021

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We are excited to be partnered up with great nonprofit organizations that truly help make our science camps unique. Field trips to our local environmental education centers provide us the exciting hands-on tools we need to explore our area. We also engage in open resource programs such as Texas Wild Discovery Trunks, SUPKids Ambassadors of the Planet, and WashedUp Texas recycled beach art projects.





Book all 10 Science Camp Sessions!

Click on the registration Link and then register for all 10 of Saturday Science Adventures!