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All of our action sport lesson and tours are weather dependent, therefore, we ask that you send a text message to 956-455-5238. If your inquiring about a reservation that is more than 7 days out from todays date, please fill out our "request to book" form (below) or send us a text.

Our team will get back to you with scheduling availability and relevant weather conditions for your inquiry.


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  Ages of Participants - Must be 5 years or older

  Weights & Heights of Participants - Necessary for equipment selection

  Sport of Interest - Choose from our action sports and tours


Frequently Asked Questions

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Scheduling Action Sports varies with the weather conditions we are given.
There are many weather conditions that play a factor into scheduling ideal dates for lessons or tours. For example, it is possible for it too be too windy to Paddle Board and even too windy for safe surfing conditions. Wind Direction is also crucial as we never schedule paddle tours in off shore conditions. Likewise, our winds shift regularly and we are happy to check our forecast to insure we are scheduling the optimal time and dates for your reservation.
We are certainly happy to place a reservation on your future dates. We want to make sure we choose the optimal weather conditions for your experience, therefore, we ask that you send us the dates of your entire stay so that we may plan a few times and dates for your schedule that will work best for you.
Our preferred method of payment is Venmo or Cash App. No additional fees are applied. Find us @spisessions *Please be sure to note your name, date of payment, type of payment at time of booking inquiry. Example: (Elisa Radish, Venmo, pd 1/20, $150) Online reservations require PayPal or Credit Cards and a 3% CC fee is also applied. Cash is great too. 🙂
If you'd like to solidify and pay for your reservation, we are happy to accommodate your booking and scheduling at a later time. Feel free to reach out to us for scheduling at your convenience.
Tipping is customary in service related fields. Our instructors work hard to ensure a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience for you and your family.


Everything else we thought you'd ask! and so much fun!



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