Standup Paddle Boarding Kids Camp

SPI Sessions- SUPKids Camp

SUPKids is an international program that SPI Sessions licenses. We operate this camp in the summer as part of our 6-Day "Surf | SUP | Space | Robotics" camp or with the unique ability to book independently of other camps. The SUPKids main goals are to teach stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), water safety, and environmental education. Kids learn best when they’re having a good time and SUPKids masters ways to sneak in the educational stuff in a way that keeps everything super fun.

Camp Details

Time: 9:45 am - 1:00 pm |Thurs. & Friday

Location:  7355 Padre Blvd.  Just north of Convention Center at the bayside flats. Drop off & Pick-Up.

Age: 5-17 (Please inquire if you have questions)

Price: $200 BOOK NOW!

Every SUPKid will walk away from this camp totally in love with the sport of SUP and the ocean. We are all committed to finding a way for kids to become ambassadors for the planet which was a core mission when developing this program.

2020 Summer Camp Dates | Thursday & Friday

Session 1: June 3-4

Session 2: June 10-11

Session 3: June 17-18

Session 4: June 24-25

Session 5: July 1-2 




Session 6: July. 8-9

Session 7: Jul. 15-16

Session 8: July 22-23

Session 9: July 29-30

Session 10: Aug. 5-6


Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you might have lots of questions for us about this exciting camp so we've tried to spell out some of the most frequented questions! Feel free to reach us by phone or email if you have any other important questions for us!

The SUPKids program has been developed for kids ages 5-17 years old. SPI Sessions’ staff monitors age ratios per session and applies age-appropriate curriculum per session. Therefore, not all SUPKids Sessions are alike!

The SUPKids Program is offered Sessions (1-10), on Thursdays & Fridays from 10 am-1 pm!

Primarily we are located at the "South Flats" which is on the bayside north of the Convention Center. We ask that parents drive towards our tent and trailer set-up which is set up at the water's edge.

Occasionally, if conditions permit, we will ask to take the SUPKids to the surfside. For this to happen we normally wait for the surf to be flat and have a smaller group.

Follow any “Book Now” Link to book your session! This system allows you to add multiple children and any additional merchandise you desire. Feel free to call us at 956-455-5238 if you have any questions booking your sessions!

We cover all the basics of taking great care of your child including water breaks, snack time, and a healthy lunch! The program also includes the SUPKids workbook and SPI Sessions T-shirt!

Of course the SUPKIDS program also includes expert instruction on stand-up paddle boarding, lessons on ocean safety and hands-on environmental education!

Of course! We are always happy to include parents! We hope you can help us out by taking time to give us a review on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp or our Social Media platforms!


The SUPKids program is designed to teach kids SUP, water safety & environmental education and is run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment with a real focus on building self-esteem. We use games, drills & SUP activities to ensure that our SUPKids walk away with vital water safety skills that will stay with them for life.

Lesson One: Safe SUP

SUPKids will be introduced to the 10 SUPKids Rules as the foundation for water safety & environmental education. Visuals and water sessions are incorporated so be ready to get wet!

Lesson Two: SUP Adventures

SUPKids will learn the basic concepts behind ocean currents & understand and how to plan an adventure safely through interactive education and micro-adventures!

Lesson Three: Ocean Plastics

SUPKids will learn why we are facing so many environmental problems due to our over-use of plastic. They’ll also learn what micro-plastics are and what the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is and what they can do to help be a big part of the change we need.

Lesson Four: Healthy SUPKids

SUPKids will be introduced to the 10 SUPKids Rules as the foundation for water safety & environmental education. Visuals and water sessions are incorporated so be ready to get wet!

Lesson Five: Ambassadors For the Planet

SUPKids will learn the basic concepts behind ocean currents & understand and how to plan an adventure safely through interactive education and micro-adventures!



SUPKids Gives Back

The SUPKids program is partnered with amazing programs that give back. A percentage of every schools’ license fee goes towards taking SUPKids to communities who need it most. The program also has unique partnerships with: Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, Parley,, and Foundation Water Trek. Find out more about these amazing B-Corps and Non-profits by clicking on their logos:

Coastal Science Adventure Camp

Coastal Science Adventure Camp

The Coastal Science Adventures Program was developed as a way for young explorers to use their natural curiosity to develop an early understanding and awareness of our unique coastal ecosystem. Utilizing a curriculum developed by educators, marine biologists, and environmental scientists, participants will take part in various activities focusing on our local coastal ecosystems and the ongoing environmental issues. Participants will also learn about the coastal flora and fauna; hiking through Mangrove swamps discovering the wildlife which lives within. Currently, we offer four sessions with plans to offer ten sessions for the entire Summer. Our curriculum is in constant development, so activities are constantly being added and modified. These sessions are three hours and long over a three-day span.

Camp Details

Each week of our 3-Day Coastal Science camp is full of different adventures. We are very proud of the collaborations we have established to make each camp special and memorable for your child!

  Time: Thurs.- Sat.  10AM- 1:00PM

  Location: 6800 Padre Blvd. (Native Plant Center)

   Camp Price: $90 

    Ages: 5-17 yrs 

    Wear: Closed toe shoes, hat, sunglasses, clothes for warm weather. 

  Bring: A cold lunch or snacks, a reusable water bottle, and a smile ! 


15 Summer Sessions in 2021

2021 Coastal Science Adventure Camps are offered in 3-Day or 1-Day Drop-In Camp Sessions.

2021 Coastal Science Adventure Sessions:

Session 1: June 3-5, 2021 Magnificent Mangroves: Exploring the Ecosystem

Session 2: June 10-12, 2021 Marine Debris and Tidal Movements 

Session 3: June 17-29, 2021 Building a Better Future: Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Session 4: June 23-26, 2021  Coastal Stewardship & Why it Matters

Session 5: June 30-July 3

Call for Details

Session 5: June 29- July 3, 2021

Session 6: July 8-10, 2021

Session 7: July 15- 17, 2021

Session 8: July 22- 24, 2021

Session 9: July 29- 31, 2021 

Session 10: Aug. 5- 7, 2021

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We are excited to be partnered up with great nonprofit organizations that truly help make our science camps unique. Field trips to our local environmental education centers provide us the exciting hands-on tools we need to explore our area. We also engage in open resource programs such as Texas Wild Discovery Trunks, SUPKids Ambassadors of the Planet, and WashedUp Texas recycled beach art projects.





Book all 10 Science Camp Sessions!

Click on the registration Link and then register for all 10 of Saturday Science Adventures!

6-Day Surf, SUP, Space & Robotics Kids Camp

SPI Sessions - Surf, SUP, Space & Robotics Camp

Welcome to SPI's #1 Kids Summer Camp where we teach kids to fall in love with the outdoors by introducing them to their new favorite sports! Our 6 Day camp Surf, SUP, Science camp is 4 hours long each day and is held Mon.- Sat. at respective venues. We begin our week with 3-days of Surf Camp with fun beach ecology and ocean safety skills. The following 2-days campers will learn to Stand-Up Paddle board and will be guided through the international SUPKids Program, which includes an illustrated workbook and hands-on environmental education activities and action plans.

Our last day of camp is designated for our Saturday Space and Robotics Sessions. Each Saturday will cover a different topic relevant to Ocean Science, Robotics and Space! Please be sure to visit our Space & Robotics page for more information about locations and topics.

Our main concern is safety and having fun and that's why we've staffed our crew with the very best beach life instructors, water safety men and women, and kid friendly educators and professionals. We look after your child at all times with a 1:4 instructor to student ratio. Be sure to check out our staff page for more information on our great team.

Camp Details

Time: 9:45 am - 2:00 pm |Mon. - Sat.

Location: 3 Camp Locations

  • Mon., Tues., Wed. - 2000 Gulf Blvd (Beach side)
  • Thurs. & Fri. - 7355 Padre Blvd. (Bayside Flats)
  • Sat. - 100 E. Swordfish (Suite F)

Age: 5-17 (Please inquire if you have questions)

Price: $500

2021 6-Day Camp Session Dates

Session 1: May 31 - June 5

Session 1: June 7 - June 12

Session 3: June 14 - June 19

Session 4: June 21 - June 26 

Session 5: June 28 - July 3

Session 6: July 5 - July 10

Session 7: July 12 - July 17

Session 8: July 19 - July 24


Session 9: July 26 - July 31 

Session 10: Aug. 02 - Aug. 07

Session 11: Aug. 9 - Aug 14

Session 12: Aug. 16 - Aug. 21

Session 13: Aug. 23 - Aug. 28

Session 14: Aug. 30 - Sept. 4

Session 15: Sept. 06 - Sept. 11

Register Now

Space is limited so book today

We are proud to announce 10 weeks of camp in 2020 and so many fun weeks to choose from! In anticipation of returning students, we have added more ocean safety activites to our Surf Camp Sessions, added the "Ambassadors for the Planet" curriculum to our SUPKids Camp, and expanded our Science Camps into several ocean related themes.

Camp registration follows a first-come, first-served basis. At this time we keep Surf and SUP Camp limited to 10 students a week, however Science Camp may vary on attendance according to set activity and accommodations.

3-Day Surf Camp
3-Day Surf Camp

Mon.- Wed. | Beach Access 4

Learn More
2- DAY SUPKids Camp
2- DAY SUPKids Camp

Thurs. & Fri. | Convention Center Beach

Learn More
1 DAY Space & Robotics Camp
1 DAY Space & Robotics Camp

Saturday | 100 E. Swordfish (Suite F)

Learn More

In order to provide you with as much information as possible, check out each individual camp page for even more information and photos. We are here to provide you with all of the answers to any questions you have.

What else is included?

We've combined all 3 of our summer kids camp into one incredible package so your child can enjoy what our island has to offer on your stay on SPI. If that's not enough, check out what else we've included:

  Camp T-shirt - New styles and Colors

  Goodie Bag - Stickers, Surf Wax, fun stuff

  Photos - Always happy to share captured memories

Science Camp Group

Parents SPI Sessions

What should we bring?

We recommend that you bring a backpack with the following items:

  Lunch - Be sure to pack a healthy lunch, snacks, reusable water bottle

  Swimwear - Mon.- Fri. Appropriate swimwear

  Sun Protection - Hats, Suncreen, longsleeve water clothing

  Towel - Always nice to have

Surf Camp

Summer 2021 Surf Camp

The School of Surf and Ocean Safety Kids Camp is all about learning to surf or advancing your child's surfing skills. The camp is designed to include all skill levels. Our camp is designed for ages 5-17 and our camps primary focus is surfing and ocean safety. We fill our day with daily yoga warm-ups, exciting water safety games, surfing lessons, surf tricks, surprise surf contests, and insightful ecology adventures. We are excited to welcome you to The School of Surf & Ocean Safety!

Ages: 5- 14


Drop off 9:50-10am

Camp 10am- 1pm 

Pick Up 1pm-1:20 

After Care 1pm-3pm 


3- Day Camp: $250 

1- Day Drop-In: $100/day

Aftercare: $25/day (Available 24 hrs in advance) 

Location: Free public parking at 2000 Gulf Blvd. Beach Access #4. Drop off and Pick-Up on the Beach. 

What to Bring: Arrive in a swimsuit, bring in a backpack; Towel, reusable water bottle, snacks, lunch, hat, apply and bring sunscreen.

What’s Included:

  • Daily surf training at insured and defined surf location
  • Top training by professional surfing instructors 4:1
  • Ocean Safety class and drill training for memorization and safe practices
  • Ocean Awareness and Beach Ecology knowledge
  • Level assessment skill test to better adapt your child to advancing levels
  • High quality beach equipment including (soft top board, UV 5-0 long sleeve rash guard, accessories of training equipment)
  • Full time beach lifeguard monitoring campers and ocean activity
  • Sunscreen application assistance
  • Daily temperature scan
  • Photos of your child's camp experience
  • Ice cold drinking water and shade tent
  • Beach Games & sports
  • “Surftificate” Of Achievement












June Summer Sessions

Session 1: May 31- June 2, 2021

Session 2: June 7- June 9, 2021

Session 3: June 14- June 16, 2021

Session 4: June 21- June 23, 2021

Session 5: June 28- June 30, 2021 


July Summer Sessions

Session 6: July 5- 7, 2021

Session 7: July 12- 14, 2021

Session 8: July 19- 21, 2021

Session 9: July 26- 28, 2021 


August Summer Sessions

Session 10: August 2- 4, 2021

Session 11- August 9-11, 2021

Session 12- August 16- 18, 2021

Session 13- August 23- 25, 2021

Session 14- August 30- September 1, 2021 

Session 15- September 6- September 8, 2021


Book Your Surf Camp Now!

Our surf camps are designed for beginners as well as advanced surfers. See you on the beach!


So what do you do for 3 hours?

SURF!! ...and we have so much fun!


A typical day at surf camp begins with making sure everyone has a SPI SESSIONS jersey on and has all of the safety gear ready and/or on. This includes proper sunscreen protection, hats, long sleeve UV protection and a reusable water bottle on standby. We will review our rules about basic camp etiquette and new guidelines regarding Covid-19. Stretching and warming up is a great way to start our morning. Kids love the drills and exercises we teach them and our balance challenging games. We next will perform a level assessment check to make sure we can split the campers into pods that are fit to their level of surfing ability.Younger campers with little experience are one-on-one with the instructors while in the water. Older Campers work in the water with our instructors. Campers are given a land lesson that will review all of methodology and basics of surfing. Each day campers will experience new tricks and steps that will ensure their confidence while in the water and surfing. Surf, Surf, Surf! We are often so excited to meet our new campers each week and sometimes hard to even get the kids to stop surfing. We our mindful of our hydration and sun breaks, reapplication of sunscreen, and snack breaks. We do break for lunch and usually like to take a short walk to learn about coastal conservation and beach ecology. Pick-up for Surf Camp is at 1:00pm. Parents are of course welcome to come early and watch us surf! Please follow proper pick-up procedures so our staff is aware of who is leaving our site.
We will cover all the basics of surfing including an introduction to equipment, paddling and standing-up! There's so much to learn about surfing too- so we will take the kids into advance lessons as we progress through the course.

Open Water Safety is a high priority for us and we take it very seriously. Students will be instructed of our Camp procedures, safety precautions and in case of emergency drills.


Everyday one of our camp instructors will take your child through a fun beach ecology or marine science lesson. We feel strongly about out establishing a connection to our ocean and we hope to make a lasting impression on your child.

H20 & Shade

We are good about hydration and taking breaks. We take water breaks often and have a 5-gallon water dispenser on site at camp. We STRONGLY encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle everyday to camp. We will not have plastic cups on the beach.


All of our sessions begin with a proper warm up. We will go through some basic stretches and practice some of our fun beach yoga techniques!


All Release Forms should be emailed to or signed during the online booking process. All payment shall be taken online or over the phone. One day drop in sessions must bring all releases and payment day of.


Frequently Asked Questions

...we're here to help!

We cover almost everything your child  will need such as; drinking water, shade, surf equipment & instruction and a full session of fun! We will count on you to bring: sunscreen, proper swim attire, towel and lots of snacks! Please be on time !

This year our home base is Access #4, (Beach Circle).  This public access is located on the north side of the Aquarius Condominiums (2000 Gulf Blvd.). Parents should park and walk their children to the on-site tent and Check-In with our staff daily. We are happy to accommodate any special needs with instruction!

The School of Surf is designed for kids ages 4-12 years old. Please contact us if you have questions about the ages, we are happy to accommodate. SPI Sessions staff also monitors registration and ages so that we may best prepare and match our activities and our levels of surfing goals.

Safety is a priority with us at SPI Sessions.

-Our instructors follow a designated operational plan for safety during lessons and are trained and certified in First Aid/CPR and open water safety.

- We also have a safety script that each session reviews.

- … and just In case of an emergency, we are prepared with an Emergency Plan  (Click here to read).

SPI Sessions has a unique approach to our staff. We call ourselves ‘beach life Instructors’ because we believe we share more with the student than just a surfing lesson. We are well-rounded individuals with love for all things friendly to our beach and lifestyle. We maintain a rotating staff of 4-5 Beach life Instructors and 3-5 Science Specific Trainers.  In a lesson setting we maintain a 4:1 ratio of surfer to instructor staff to maintain the attention necessary for adequate surf technique and stoke. We are very proud to have a strong staff of vetted individuals eager to share the stoke of surfing and eco-awareness.

Topics covered in camp include:

+The Basics of Surfing

+Paddling the Board

+Catching Waves

+Standing Up on the Board

+Wave Selection

+Turning Techniques

+Surf Etiquette

+Ocean Awareness

+Surf Safety