Kids Yoga

Happy Mind, Happy Life

 Moms n’ Dads bring your kids to Kids Yoga! It is a great way to build self-respect and to develop confidence, concentration and reduce stress (yes, even kids have stress).  Because children sometimes encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts, a dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, focus, and physical postures can be a very valuable tool in their lives.

For children, yoga increases flexibility, builds strength and balance, assists with concentration, and self control. This class will introduce your little ones to yoga in a simple, yet playful way, as we embrace their athleticism as well as mind and body concentration.


I am the falling rain. I am the sun.

We are happy to be offering this class every week of our regular Summer Sessions! Classes are Mon. - Wed. at 2p- 3pm, which means you have just enough time to eat, rinse off and get ready for yoga class after your morning Surf Session! Join us any week for fun in the yoga studio!

Session 1: June 18 – 20

Session 2: June 25 – 7

Session 3: July 2 – 4

Session 4: July 9 – 11

Session 5: July 16 – 18

Session 6: July 23 – 25

Session 7: July 30 – Aug. 1

Session 8: Aug. 6 -Aug. 8


Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have important questions about our Kids Yoga Class, so let us help! Here are the basics...