Mick Fanning Soft Boards: Best Choice for Beginners and Experienced Surfers

"Why Soft Surfboards are the Best Choice for Beginners and Experienced Surfers Alike: The Benefits of Mick Fanning's Soft Boards"

Perhaps you've noticed that we've transitioned our entire camp and lessons surf board quiver to MF Soft Boards? We thought we'd let you in on all the information we used to make this choice and why we've also invested into a range of his soft board and performance board collection to make available for you in our shop!

Mick Fanning is a professional surfer from Australia who has won three world titles and numerous other competitions. In recent years, he has also become known for his line of soft surfboards, which are designed to be more user-friendly and safer than traditional hard boards.

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One of the main benefits of soft boards is that they are much softer and more flexible than hard boards, which means that they are less likely to cause injury if you fall on them or collide with them. This makes them particularly well-suited for beginners, or for people who are learning to surf in crowded or crowded conditions.

In addition to being safer, soft boards are also easier to ride than hard boards. They are more forgiving, which means that you can make mistakes and still stay on the board. This makes them a great option for people who are just starting out, or who are still learning the ropes.

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But MF boards didn't stop there. They created a new line of soft top boards that includes an actual high performance glassed board inside. This is what they call their Epoxy Lam board: an EPS foam core, a hybrid carbon spine, E-cloth and epoxy internal shell and a soft exterior shell.

"Elite surfers traditionally steer clear of riding soft surfboards due to a lack of performance. Traditionally soft boards are produced utilizing rudimentary materials and construction techniques. Performance issues were successfully resolved by utilizing construction techniques and materials that are typically reserved for cutting-edge high performance surfboards and blending these materials and techniques with traditional soft surfboard construction." (MF Boards).

If you're interested in trying out a MF soft board, talk to your SPI SESSIONS instructor or visit our Shop at 5717 Padre Blvd. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, a soft board can be a great addition to your quiver and is well worth considering.


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Re-scheduled Int. Surf Day is Tomorrow

International Surfing Day- South Padre

Tomorrow We Celebrate

Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough! After a week of wicked weather and high seas we are looking forward to great conditions for tomorrow’s much anticipated event.  Saturday, July 23rd, will resume the celebration of our favorite holiday “International Surfing Day,” which was postponed last Saturday. Hundreds of children will be eager to take their turn at free surfing lessons.

SPI Sessions will also be present to assist with surfing lessons, celebrate Surfrider’s accomplishments and supporting the “SPI for a Strawless Ocean” campaign. In an effort to encourage “refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle” as a lifestyle change, SPI Sessions’ Beach Life Instructors will be passing around a “Statement of Support” for individuals to sign. Feel free to ask questions and talk to knowledgeable campaign officials!

Don’t forget that International Surfing Day is a pre-registered event, but it shouldn’t stop you from coming out and seeing all the stoke that is alive on our sand bar! SPI Sessions also has several events coming up, so stay tuned and check out one of our awesome surf camps!