Cancellation and Refund Policy

As highly trained professionals our camps have been very well planned out. We strive to use the only dates in the year where the weather is likely to comply with the training in which our professionals will be able to best teach our students.  We are fortunate enough to have our location on South Padre Island and for this very reason the camps we provide are in high demand at this specific time of year.  We have a very strict cancellation policy for the purposes of purchasing/acquiring the equipment in advance and necessary devices to supply each student with. We also have the expenses of our highly trained staff. Being so, students fill our open slots in advance there is no way to recover the expenses we endure when someone cancels their reservation.

A student may not cancel due to any of these reasons

  •         Illness
  •         Injury
  •         Late arrival
  •         Leaving before the session has ended it’s camp season
  •         Weather
  •         Personal Emergencies


Enrolling with SPI SESSIONS – The Cancellation Policy requires that you sign and agree to the terms of our policy before a student can be enrolled.


Cancellation Terms – Deposit Terms:

  •         For those who cancel 60 days in advance or more – we reimburse your fill amount, except for the deposit required to enroll the student
  •         For those who cancel 60 days in advance of the 1st day of camp – you will receive your tuition reimbursement minus the deposit as long as we are able to fill the opening for a new student enrollment
  •         Final Registration Fees are due by the 1st day of camp
  •         credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee (with exception to the deposit and merchandise.)

Refund Terms:

  •         Reservation for our camp is non-refundable once you have acquired and registered for one of our open slots - No matter if the cancellation is due to dismissal, medical, or any other reason

       SPI SESSIONS is unable to refund any tuition for a program cancellation due to factors including, but not limited to natural disaster, civil, military, or political unrest, terrorism, travel restrictions, disease (including but not limited to a pandemic such as COVID-19), or other major global or local events. 

  •         SPI SESSIONS reserves the right to cancel or alter some aspects of any program, including itinerary, dates, location, duration, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or any other reason. 

SPI SESSIONS reserves the right to cancel any Program because of inadequate enrollment that makes the program economically unfeasible to operate. In this event, SPI SESSIONS will refund your deposit and tuition paid.

SPI SESSIONS Will not refund anyone for arriving late or leaving early

SPI SESSIONS is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for a canceled trip, such as airline tickets, or for costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellation or illness.

SPI SESSIONS does not recommend non-transferable, non-refundable airline tickets

SPI SESSIONS does not assume responsibility for any loss incurred on account of such tickets. 

SPI SESSIONS also reserves the right to make changes to any trip itinerary without notice or explanation at any time.

  • All cancellations must be received in person (no voice mails) and confirmed by the SPI SESSIONS Program Coordinator with a written cancellation via email.
  • SPI SESSIONS reserves the right to unenroll or dismiss a camper from a program if SPI SESSIONS believes that the camper presents a safety concern or medical risk to themselves or others; is disruptive; breaches with any agreement included in the Participant Agreement.
  • We highly recommend cancellation/interruption insurance to cover any costs associated with a cancellation.


We highly recommend that participants in our programs purchase travel insurance to protect their investment. You can find third-party competitively priced program plans that we believe meet the needs of our families on the 2021 Schedule page under Travel FAQ’s. (Please check for any updates about COVID-19 with the insurance companies at this time).

If you have questions about our cancellation policy, please call (956) 455-5238