2020 Lessons and Camps

We are ready to provide you with the best surf lessons, paddle boarding instruction and adventure science tours on South Padre Island. Our mission is to provide beach life instruction that captures the stoke of surfing and athleticism, embraces the importance of healthy lifestyles, and instills environmental values and memories for a lifetime. Welcome to our Island!


Best Summer Camp on SPI - Surf. SUP. Science.

SPI Sessions is the best choice for your kids summer camp ! Our camps offer surfing lessons, ocean safety lessons, stand-up paddle boarding lessons, local science lessons and field trips, environmental education, and beach ecology lessons. Each of our camps touches on the importance of ocean safety and our duties as ambassadors of the planet, but don't miss out because each one has a very unique program designed for it. Book our 6-Day camp to experience all three unique camps, or book individually for the camps you'd like your child to attend. Enjoy our website and let us know if you have any questions! 

Surf.SUP.Science. Summer Sessions

Environmental Education, Ocean Safety, & our favorite water sports

Environmental Campaigns

Our environmental focus this summer, once again will be to, educate, promote, and share the importance of freeing our lives from personal use plastics. Our specific campaign will be "SPI SESSIONS FOR A STRAWLESS OCEAN".  More info coming soon...

Summer Camps

We are so excited for our 4th year of summer camp for kids (and moms now too!) in 2019. This isn't just summer camp, it's the beginning of a lifestyle.

Special Events 

Our events have you in mind. That's why we want to share our beach life with you. Join us for movie nights, night crab hunts, or fun days of games and play- you are invited! ALOHA!


We plant, we dig, we restore, we play, we supervise, we love, we teach... we inspire! Get Involved!