• The Basics of Surfing
• Paddling the Board
• Catching Waves
• Standing Up on the Board
• Wave Selection
• Turning Techniques
• Surf Etiquette
• Ocean Awareness
• Surf Safety

Basic + Advanced

Surfing for Kids

SPI Sessions - Surf Today!

Reserve your booking NOW, availability is limited.


Our Private Surfing lessons are a great personalized approach to learning how to surf. With a one on one lesson, you will be paired with one of our C.P.R./First Aid certified instructors with years of surfing experience.


Group lessons are a great way to bring your friends, family or team together for a fun experience. (Must book group of 3 or more for group discount).


Surf Camps are only available Thursday – Sunday from 8am-11am during the summer hours. Camps are specialized sessions allowing for surfers to learn basics, practice with a coach and experience surfing on their own with supervision.


Please make sure your group is properly prepared for lessons and are on time. Please bring water, sunscreen, proper surf attire and a great attitude for your next favorite memory.
Our Surf Instructors are experienced, open watermen and women. We have every intention of keeping your group safe and insight at all times. Please be sure to remind all surfers to be mindful of instruction and safety precautions on the beach. Life jackets may be provided upon request for smaller children.
Cancellations may be made by phone at 956 455 5238. Any cancellations not made 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of your lesson/camp cost.